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Benvenuti nel nostro stabilimento!

(Welcome to our establishment)

You’re wondering…Borgata. Is it someone’s name? Or maybe a place? Well, Borgata is the original term given to the suburban townships, villages, and neighborhoods that surrounded Palermo Sicily.


So, there you have it; Borgata Bar means “Neighborhood Bar.”


Positioned in the first floor of a one-hundred-year-old building in Little Italy. The building has had many lives of wining, dining and entertaining. Our food is top flight. From scratch lasagna to our house made sauces, we’re sure to impress.


Become a fan as so many have of our burgers, and flat breads or sandwiches. And finish it off with a crème brule, a piece of lemoncello mascarpone cake, or our bread pudding.

We’re happy to have you here and we hope you enjoy your experience!

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